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Donate to Care for the Orphans of Gaza, Palestine

Whoever takes care of an orphan, they and I will be together in Paradise like this 
(his index and middle fingers held close together) 

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

In the face of the most catastrophic destruction and humanitarian crisis to date in Gaza, children are paying the heaviest price. 

As we urgently push and pray for an immediate end to the horrific violence in Gaza and the establishment of a humanitarian corridor, please join us in being prepared to support the orphans and children who have no one else to turn to. 

Nearly half of the population of Gaza are children, and orphans especially are in dire need of protection and assistance. Every orphan living in Gaza is a child deprived of their basic rights and protection, facing constant trauma, loss and violence. 

YOU have the power to make a real difference.

Your monthly sponsorship of $90/month is life-saving. Not only does it let them know they’re not alone, but it helps to ensure that they have access to:

    • Safer shelter
    • Food to eat
    • Health care
    • Psychological support 
    • Education

Sponsor an Orphan struggling to survive in Gaza and truly change their life for the better.
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* Due to the ongoing emergency crisis, please be aware that our orphan matching process will take longer than the average processing time, until the situation allows for the continued implementation of our work. While there may be a delay in the interim, your collected donations will be transferred to your sponsored orphan as soon as the matching process is complete. We will be in touch with any further updates! 

When Will My Sponsored Orphan Receive My Donation?

Although our 1-1 donor and orphan matching process usually takes 1-2 weeks after you start your donation – please note there will be a delay for any newly sponsored orphans in Gaza due to the current crisis. This means the process will take longer than the average processing time. 

We expect this process may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, however we are doing everything in our power to ensure the registration of new orphans in our system is completed as soon as possible. 

Due to the nature of the situation in Gaza, our staff, volunteers and partner organizations are focused on providing aid and distributing supplies on a daily basis. Once the situation allows for our team to continue safely reaching our sponsored orphans and registering even more orphans in our system, we will pair you with an orphan and transfer your collected donations. 

Your collected donations are in trusted hands and will reach its destination and be fully transferred to your sponsored orphan as soon as the matching process is complete! 

Islamic Relief's emergency appeal for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is part of a joint appeal by the Humanitarian Coalition, bringing together 12 of Canada's leading international aid agencies in unity for the same cause, amplifying our impact on the ground. 

Can I send a gift to my sponsored orphan? 

Of course! 100% of your gift goes directly towards the orphan and his/her family with no overhead costs. If you wish to give an extra monetary gift to your sponsored orphan, you can visit islamicrelief.ca/orphangifts online. 

Kindly include the orphan ID if you are sponsoring more than one orphan to ensure we send the gift to the correct orphan. Gift donations are transferred on a quarterly basis.

Islamic Relief’s long-standing Orphan Sponsorship Program in Palestine

We have been supporting orphans in Gaza, Palestine, for years now. At the moment, Islamic Relief Worldwide is sponsoring over 8,000 orphans in Gaza, and over one-third of these orphans are sponsored by Canadian donors. This work is done in partnership with a number of local organizations on the ground that are well-experienced in the safeguarding of children and ensuring they receive the best chance at a bright future. 

Your sponsorship allows for the life of the same orphan to be continuously transformed long term, which means they are able to truly rise above their circumstances, gain the opportunities they deserve, and build a better life for themselves and their families.

By providing access to nutritional services, health care, water solutions, education and family livelihood support, as well as striving to tackle critical issues, including ongoing trauma, poverty and inequality, we’re not only transforming futures – we’re saving lives.

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